Bidet toilet sprayer, high pressure hose/non-leakage stainless steel brushed toilet cleaner wall for women washing, baby diaper cleaner

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  • Easy to Use Hand Sprayer -- Not Hard to Press Handle
  • SINK VALVE CONVERTER: For kitchen sink faucet or bathroom sink faucet. 1/2-Inch IPS connection for regular shower hose/supply hose. The diverter performs the function of transitioning a pipe thread to a faucet thread with the addition of a divert lever. It came with spare parts, washers. M22 x M24 connection sizes.Switch water flow between faucet and sprayer . Please make sure your faucet size before order.
  • Safe Way to Mix Hot & Cold Water and Divert to Faucet Sprayer for Hot & Cold Bidet Use, Wall Mount the Sprayer Holder for Flexibility in Bathroom.
  • Use as Bidet Faucet Attachment for Warm Water, Also Diaper Sprayer for Toilet Faucet -- Not Meant for Outside Garden Hoses.
  • The Faucet Sprayer is the perfect alternative to your traditional hand held toilet bidet. Instead of utilizing the plumbing from the water source at your toilet, the faucet sprayer attaches directly to your bathroom sink, giving you the option of setting your preferred water temperature.