Electric Razor Replacement Head

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Bullet Points:

1、Premium Material: The replacement shaver is made of high-quality materials for continuous, efficient and easy-to-use features.
2、Excellent Compatibility: The replacement shaver accessory is design for BRAUN 760CC, for 760CC-3, for 765CC, for 765CC-3, for 760CC-4, for 760CC-5, for 760CC-6, for 760CC-7, for 765CC-4, for 765CC-5, for 765CC-6, for 765CC-7, for 5693, for 760CC, for 9958, for 9785, for 5673 790CC, for 9595, for 9975, for 5671, for 790CC, for 790CC-3, for 790CC-4, for 790CC-5, for 790CC-7, for 795CC-3, for 720S, for 720S-3, for 720S-4, for 720S-5, for 5695, for 9565, for 9566, for 9871, for 9782, for 5674.
3、Small Tip: The replacement shaver accessory should be replaced every eighteen months, thus extending the service life of shaver.
4、Fine Craft: The replacement shaver accessory can replace your razor head gives a 25% better shave effect. And it features the optimum performance.
5、Practical Design: The replacement shaver accessory get's your shaver back to 100% performance and a closer shave.

Name: Replacement Shaver Accessory
Product weight: about 26g
Product material: ABS + stainless steel

Packing List:

Shaver Replacement*1(please note that no shaver is included)


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